We lowered our prices in June to better serve people during the pandemic. Our prices remain low without compromise.

Winter drilling available, be ready for Spring.

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High Quality. Zero Compromise!  The best quality casing, bentonite and cement surface seal. -ALL PERMITS TAKEN CARE OF-

I am an owner operator who chooses to operate in a way that gives you the BEST price and the comfort of knowing you're not spending extra money to pay additional employees or expensive shop payments. Your money goes into your well.

My dad, Peter Niemans, began water well drilling in 1971, began training me in 1997, and sold the business to me in 2012.

I use skills and equipment from a combination of my dad and a trusted driller from Idaho.

Their combined careers totaled 90 years! My 23 years is the icing on the cake, knowing I was trained by the best.

I use a superior drilling rig that uses a rare casing hammer system capable of drilling through all formations and eliminating mixed mud from the process.

Don't be taken advantage of by competitorsI use a simple formula to drill high quality water wells: 


When you hire Doug Niemans, that is exactly who shows up for the job. Your money goes into your well; not back to a large staff that you never meet. That is how I keep my costs down.

Peter Niemans Water Well Co. specializes in farm, acreage, subdivision, and commercial water well drilling. 

The expert in water well drilling, real estate water testing, and water well maintenance.

Book your drilling, flow testing, or shock chlorination job today.

Formed in 1971 by Peter and Kathy Niemans, and purchased in 2012 by their son, Doug Niemans.

Call now for water well prices in the Okotoks, High River, Nanton, Calgary, Claresholm, Fort Macleod, Vulcan, and Foothills area. 

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Email doug@pnwwd.com