TH-55 (60) for sale (photos below)

1988 Freightliner with new factory built 2018 engine. Ingersoll Rand. 600/250 air compressor. 5x6 mud. 400 feet of 3.5" rod.

READY TO DRILL    ** Scroll to bottom for photos **

This rig was purchased as a second/backup rig in 2017 from a trusted drilling contractor in Alberta. It was primarily used to drill 7 7/8" surface holes, installing 6 5/8" steel casing, followed by a 6" bottom hole, installing 4.5" pvc liner. Most of the drilling has been with air and water injection, using mud when the surface drilling requires, and most total depths ranging 80-300 feet. It drills and completes a well in 1-2 days. At this time, I plan to operate only my 2006 TH-60 and have no future plans for a second rig.

The rig stayed active through 2020 and is now washed and parked. Everything is currently working and includes 400 feet of 3.5" drill rod (9 rods in the carousel), large sub for surface bit, smaller sub with 6" button bit, 8ft stabilizer for overburden, lifting swivel plug, middle step, and mud pit. All cables are in good shape, as are the tires and new back wheels.

It was originally a TH-55 and changes were made which make it no different than a TH-60. These changes were made by the previous owner, and myself and our rig mechanic don't see a difference between this rig and a TH-60.

I put a brand new Detroit Series 60 engine (from Detroit factory) in the truck in 2018, replaced the rig compressor, and put in a new ECM in 2019. Feed cables, shivs, and top drive swivel were replaced in 2019.

The truck had it's safety done in March 2020, and is valid until March 2021.

Fully loaded, the weight is 57,500 pounds.

Controls are hydraulic and uses the original slider box.

10 speed transmission.

Rig has a 600/250 air compressor, which works great with anything I've seen, and a 5x6 piston mud pump. Transfer and gear boxes were rebuilt by the previous owner.

I can forward you the previous owners contact information and our local rig mechanic who has done the majority of the maintenance on it if you are serious.

The rig can be viewed 15 min South of Calgary at our local rig shop. 

Price $ 185,000 CANADIAN DOLLARS (plus 5% gst) 

Price includes 400 feet of 3.5" pipe, 2 subs, 1 bit, 1 stabilizer, 1 mud pit and suction hose.

This rig is ready to drill now. Contact to view.  

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